Our Trip to Europe April-May 2013

By Pete Grant
with the help from Lynda, Bobbi, and Dave

On April 30th we flew to Malta, then took a shuttle to the ferry port, then the 30-minute ferry to Gozo, and finally, our car rental agent drove us to our farmhouse condo. Below are some photos taken during our trip, follwed by some views of the condo.

In Rome, after checking in the luggage.
On the ferry from Malta to Gozo.
Our farmhouse (cndo) entrnce
Our upstairs bedroom.
Our farmhouse (cndo) entrnce
The other bedroom upstairs.
The main bedroom.
Swimming pool
We had a swimming pool
kitchen/dining room
Living room
Living room
The farm house front
Our front door
Knocker on the door

C7 pub

The first thing on our Gozo to-do list was to drive to Xlendi and have a glass of wine at the CSeven cafe (pub). Wow! Did we ever have great memories of Xlendi where we had gone several times on our previous Gozo trips to have some of C7's home made wine.

Ocean side of Xlendi
Rock formations at Xlendi
Statue at port of Xlendi
Steps for tourists to scale the rock walls of Xlendi
Looking west from Xlendi.
Now, does that look like a crocodile (of sorts) or what? It even has eyes (or eye holes, technically)

After Xlendi, we climbed to the Citadel, an old fortress right next to (or part of) Victoria, the main city in Gozo. Here are some of the photos of and around the Citadel taken mostly by Lynda.

A view towards downtown Victoria, taken from the Citadel.
Views of the Citadel, including a church on the right.
Now, here is a weird situation. At left, we see a cannon pointing at a wall that is part of the same castle as the one on which the cannon is positioned. As far as I can tell, there is no way to fire this cannon with the ball not hitting the building.

My guess is that the castle was expanded after the cannon had been positioned and nobody ever got around to removing the weapon. It appears that the wall on the left is the original one and the ones the cannon is aimed at are a later addition.

Above and below are more photos of the Citadel at or near its top.

A wine bar at or near the Citadel.
Having a glass or two of wine at The Grapes wine bar.

One of the main tourist attractions on Gozo is the Azure Window. It is definitely worth visiting -- once. This was Lynda's and my third visit to this place and we would have found it boring had it not been for a tourist who fell and got injured on those very rough rocks.

No, they are not stopping to have ice cream!! There was a real emergency in the park.
An overview of the Azure Window
and a close-up
and a side attraction

Let us now head on back to Victoria and do a little side street (alley) touring.

We found many narrow streets or alleys ranging from good to not so good condition.
One of the not so good,
but clean nevertheless!
Bobbi took pictures, but mostly of the good ones.
We found a tailor shop! We asked to take his picture and he nodded 'yes'.

On our first day on Gozo, we found a Chinese restaurant named Ping's Dining, located in Victoria, where we ate dinner. The food was excellent! That was the best tasting tofu I had ever eaten so, after all of us said he/she liked the food, we decided to come back there on our last night in Gozo.

Lynda took her camera with her and got some pictures of the chef posing by the buffet. We promised to write a review of the restaurant on TripAdvisor web site.

Waiting to order our dinner in Ping's Dining.