Our Trip to Europe April-May 2013

One of the must see attractions on Gozo is the Fourteen Stations of The Cross. Many people, however, miss these as the stations are on a hill side that appears steeper than it really is. None of the four of us had any problem hiking up the trail.

Note that the images below are not quite in order as I needed to combine horizontals in separate rows from verticals.

This, I assume, is the first station since the trail starts with #2.
Station 2

In order to not bore those not interested in seeing all fourteen stations, I've hidden then from view.
If you want to see all of them, click .

This is the electronic age.
Three Kindles and a digital SLR lying on the table back in our apartment.
(iPhone photo)
And here they are being used.
Relaxing by the pool (which we never used).
(iPhone photo)

Out in he farming fields, the areas are separated by stone walls, many of them built so finely that they represent buildings' walls. They serve basically two functions: to mark where field borders are and, not so obviously, to level the ground in between the walls

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
As can be see from the pictures above, the use of rock walls is spread all over the farming areas of the island. The photos below show differences in land heights at the stone fences, especially in figure 4 where the ground is almost above the fence top (on the other side). Figure 6 shows how the rock fences have been used to separate farm lands for centuries.
Figure 4
Figure 5
Figure 6

Return trip home

There are not enough photos to warrant a separate page, so here we go

On the ferry again -
this time back from Gozo to Malta.
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A new chain, this one in Malta airport,
that had the kinds of food we liked.
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Our last night in Italy was near the ocean
We were looking for a place to have our final drinks
and we found it!
Good bye Italy!
We're back in Rome again!
Well, not really, at the Fumicio airport.
(iPhone photo)
Having her last breakfast in Italy
... and half asleep :-)
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