Our Trip to Europe April-May 2013

By Pete Grant
with the help from Lynda, Bobbi, and Dave

We arrived in Rome -- actually in Civitavecchia, which serves as the cruise port for Rome -- on the morning of Sunday, April 21st. After breakfast we took a train ride to Rome Termini station where we were joined by David who had flown in by air.

After a taxi drive to our rented apartment, and droppong off our luggage we spent the rest of the day touring Rome.

By the way, April 21st, the day we arrived in Rome, was a holiday. It was Rome's BIRTHDAY! That made the crowds a lot larger than normal. Just thought I'd mention it.

Our first lunch in Rome
Our hotel/apartment in Rome
A fountain a short distance from our hotel.
Note the people enjoying the sun
Marching to the tour meeting point.
Day 1
Reading maps & asking for help filled out much of our day.
Spanish Steps
At 5:30 each afternoon, a crowd gathered at the Spanish Steps
Don't know what they were doing - seems like some kind of religious stuff.
(Note the hands leaning against the statue)
And the Spanish Steps were truly crowded.
Band getting ready for the crowds at
the Spanish Steps

We had found a free city walking tour guide and were meeting him at the 5:30 event at the Spanish steps.

Tour guide
And here he is --
our tour guide.
The top of a tower
Top of a tower - taken from our meeting point
A building right next to our meeting area

Next on our tour, the guide took us to an old water drinking fountain so that we could learn how to use it. However, just as we got there, two oriental ladies had beaten us to the fountain and we got a free lesson on how to properly use the darn thing.

First, reach down where the water is freely flowing.
Then stop the flow with your finger, causing the water to squirt out of the whole on top of pipe.
And voila!! Just drink the water from the obvious flow.
Talk about crowded!
Not so much here inside a church
Yes, quite calm and quiet.
Some more photos inside churches/catherdrals