Our Trip to Europe April-May 2013

By Pete Grant
with the help from Lynda, Bobbi, and Dave

We left Rome on April 23rd in a rented vehicle and drove over to Sovi Cille near the town of Rocco a Pilli, where we had made arrangements for an agriturismo named Poggio Salvi. Here are some photos of it:

Our bedroom
Living room
Living room
Living room
Dining room
Our dining room and kitchen
The other bedroom
And Giotto, the owners' dog
The outside of our apartment. Our entrance is on the left, beyond the stairs.
And here is our entrance.
This piece of an old tree was in the front yard of our apartment. When I first saw it, I thought it looked like some kind of a water animal with its head on the left. (See, it looked like a sea monster's mouth with some captured prey in it.) Then, when I looked at it again, I saw a head on the right. Which is it? Right or left?

After spending a good night in a more roomy agriturismo - apartment from hereon -- I was still feeling a bit uncomfortable (stomach problems), and decided to stay back while the rest of the group went to see Siena and some smaller locations in the surrounding area. At about noon I began to feel better and took a walk to and from our apartment to downtown Rocco a Pilli, taking some photos of the area along the way.

House near our apartment
The road to our apartment
Lots of Wisteria
A house a bit farther from our apartment.
Interesting looking tower here in the farm country.
Narrow road - there's a sign permitting one vehicle through here at a time.
Beautiful landscaping
A closeup of ??
A farm
We ate dinner here
Another shop with flowers??
One more shop
There's camping in Italy!
A posh looking house entrance
Looks like another well doing farm.

In the meanwhile, Lynda, Bobbi and Dave drove to Siena, as well as some surrounding areas. The following photos are from that excursion

They found a good parking space...
... on this road/street
What a beautiful decoration
-- and done by mother nature!
Entrance into the
Piaggia Del Giuggiolo
Somewhere around Via
San Marco.
Narrow Streets
Youth resting in Piazza Del Campo
Each year, in early July, the local(?) people hold a horse race in the Piazza Del Campo, Siena's central square. Obviously the race is very popular -- just look at the crowds which are estimated at about sixty thousand.
A different view of Piazza Del Campo square
One of the many old churches in Italy
Ceiling paintings are beautiful!
Gelato -- Yummy! Yummy!
A building near the cathedral
A view from a slightly different angle
Details of the cathedral's architecture.
Some unknown (to me) street views.
Bobbi and Dave ready for some wine.
Don't ask me. I don't know.
Somewhere not too far from Siena, I would guess.