Our Trip to Europe April-May 2013

By Pete Grant
with the help from Lynda, Bobbi, and Dave

On day 2, 25th of April, we visited an old Tuscany town about 80 miles NW of Florence. Unfortunately, much of the town's attractions were under construction and we did not get many photos taken.

Are we in Venice???
Just before the main entrance to Lucca
One of the initial features seen as we entered Lucca
It's a part of a church behind.
A closeup of the top of the statue of Saint Mary(?)
A horse cart attracted attention by Bobbi as well as me. (She's using an iPad Mini)
Although there were lots of tourists walking around, we found some vacant places as well.
Lynda looking around
We walked through both
crowded ...
... and nearly vacant
...looking for a place to have...
...we found it ...
...a glass of wine (and some lunch)!
The market had a shop...
... of some beautiful flowers.
After wine and lunch, we continued to roam through the streets and alleys of Lucca.
We could have had a buggy ride!
At end of the trip we see the...
..entrance square, and say
"arriverderci" to wonderful Lucca.