Our Trip to Europe April-May 2013

By Pete Grant
with the help from Lynda, Bobbi, and Dave

On Saturday, 27th of April we visited two places or attractions: the town of Montepulciano and the Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore (whew!) abbey.

First, the hilltop town of Montepulciano.

Now, why didn't I get a chance to take a picture like this?
(This photo was obtained/borrowed from the web site of Zanzig.com. Check out more of his excellent travel photos.)
The entrance to Montepulciano
There were many cars entering also.
One of the first attractions.
Narrow street
Inside a church
Seems to be the primary attraction here
Hey, we found a free wine tasting shop!
Street scenes on our way to the wine cellar.
Going down? Not us.
And here we are, in the wine cellar.
Street scenes in Montepulciano.
Back to near the central square
- and the shopping
Now, izzat a neat idea or what?
Leave it to the Italians :-)
You didn't know they had a bell tower in Montepulcino, did ya?
Well, now you know. Here's a closeup of the tower with a bell (and a bellboy)
One of the things we had to get used to while tour walking in Tuscany was the sharing of streets with vehicular traffic -- including busses! I tried to catch a vehicle surrounded by pedestrians but no luck. Every time saw a potential winner in photos of this type, somebody's head was in the way, or it was too far away, or whatever. Oh well, that's one reason why one needs to visit the world in person as photos, especially ones taken by amateurs like me, just won't tell the whole story.

Interesting. I guess Italians are as interested in old cars as we Americans are -- but parked on the street??? Like, maybe the owner uses this Citroen for daily transportation?