Our Trip to Europe April-May 2013

By Pete Grant
with the help from Lynda, Bobbi, and Dave

Note: This story (blog) is about the trip to Italy and Malta by four persons, listed by the date he/she joined the group:

  1. Pentti (Pete) Grant (that's me),
  2. Lynda Edris, my wife,
  3. Barbara (Bobbi) Anders, Lynda's younger sister,
  4. David (Dave) Anders, Bobbi's husband.

Our trip began at 4am on Friday morning, April 5th. A shuttle picked us up and drove us to Orlando international airport where we caught a flight to New Orleans. There we joined forces with Barbara (Bobbi) who had flown here from Indiana.

After checking into our hotel, we took a self-guided (the guide being Bobbi) tour through the French Quarter, including the Bourbon Street. On the way there we stopped a number of times to snap photos,such as the ones below

New Orleans band pic
The paintings on this building are soo New Orleans.

Our hotel in New Orleans was The Hampton Inn.

Our hotel room
The hotel lobby
An interesting tree near our hotel
A street scene near our hotel
Is this statue made with gold?
Does New Orleans have casinos?
You bet it does!
Harra's is one of - in not the - largest.
Just a pretty building with hanging plants.
Some more images of musicians.
A fancy house on a main street
Fire Escape
An apartment bulding with a fire escape. Great idea.
Sisters posing
Lynda and Bobbi posing by a statue
Street scene in New Orleans
A street scene in the French Quarter

Bobbi had read about a New Orleans specialty called 'Beignet', so one of the first things to do was to stop by at the nearest bakery.

Cafe Beignet in New Orleans
We found a Beignet bakery and
entered immediately
Girls doing their favorite things:
Bobbi texting & Lynda taking photos
Triple treat
Bobbbi eating beignet
We had bought a Triple Treat and soon Bobbi was totally engrossed in eating her beignet - didn't even notice a photo was being taken.
Lynda eating beignet also
Lynda also hogging her beignet
New Orleans
After beignets we continued our tour through the French Quarter
New Orleans
...stopping in tourist shops.
And, the girls did some shopping, but without buying anything, of course.
Lookng at the crotch
Bobbi's curiosity got the best of her, sending her to "examine" the statue.
police warning
A warning to shoppers
Street scene
Street view
Street scene
A nice back street in the French Quarter.
Lousy spelling
Some people just don't know how to spell.

The day had started windy and cool, and the situation continued until about 3PM when the sun started to peek out now and then throug holes in the clouds.

Bobbi had found a pre-cruise party hosted by a group of friends she had come into contact with while searching Cruise Critic for info.

Cafe Lafitte In Exile
Cafe Lafitte^ bar

There is an interesting story about this place. It was originally located a few blocks away under the name Cafe Lafitte and had a large portion of its customers gay. In the 1930's the owner died and the ownership of the bar was transferred to his inheritors. When they found out that most of their customers were gay or lesbian, they kicked all concerned out and the gay community moved to a new bar named Cafe Lafitte In Exile.

Lynda and Bobbi on the balcony of Cafe Lafitte

We arrived at the Cafe Lafitte about 4PM and decided to grab us a table on the balcony for the purpose of -- can you guess? -- a glass or two or three of wine. I thought it would be wise to take a photo of the two sisters before they had had too many glasses :-)

Surprise, Bobbi is drinking beer! What happened to her wine?

But back to our story. The pre-sail party began at 6:00PM and Fred, the arranger, brought food, which Bobbi and Lynda helped to bring into the bar.

Fred, the organizer of the party.
Bobbi,Fred, David, and Lynda
From L to R:
Bobbi, Fred, David, and Lynda
Our table of food
L to R: Jerry, Pete, Tom and Buddy
Fred, the organizer

Now, ready for some more food?

Some more beignets
And then it was time again for beignets
Sugar all over clothes
Lynda first took a careful bite. But it didn't come out so clean... ...and she wound up with powdered sugar all over her clothes.
And the girls are ready to say good bye to New Orleans
(Photo by iPhone)