Our Trip to Europe April-May 2013

I'm a little late on this story as it occurred on day 9. Well, we've been pretty busy on this cruise and haven't had time to post events immediately.

All along our trip, we had been joking with our stateroom attendant Arlex and he had been responding with jokes on us, so one day we came up with one of our own. The seas had been a bit rough and the girls came up with an idea.

Arlex thought it was funny.
Seat belt joke
Here's the "Buckle Up" joke
Seat belt joke
Enlarged version

Our next stop was Toulon, France. We had arranged for a rental car with which we traveled to Provence, also in France, for the day. So, no photos of Toulon except what we took while the ship was anchoring.

The arrival at the port of Toulon was breathtaking. I have not touched up these arrival photos -- although some, like the two on the left, could/should have.
Looks like we were not the only cruise ship here
The rental car got a thorough inspection before signing the contract.
And then we headed out to Marseille - no, wait, to Provence which was closer.
I know the French are known to be sexy, but in a parking garage??
The shopping mall where we arrived after parking.
Lynda checking out possible places for lunch
and she found one!
And then it was time to start touring -- and shopping!
A huge tree
And then we walked
... and walked ...
... and took pictures ...
... pictures of strange ...
... or stupid...
... things ...
Hey, I recognize that name!
Had to include one of these
One more look at things for sale in the marketplace....

... and we're on our way back to the ship

Next we go to Cinque Terre

It was raining when we arrived in port, and continued to rain, sometimes heavily, as we got off the ship.

Rain, rain, ...
... didn't bother us.
We rented a car!
It rained - and stormed - on Cinque Terre also.
Waves ...
... waves ...
... and more waves!
Manarola train station
Although the waves pounded the shoreline,
.. it wasn't half bad in town.
Good thing we drove and got here before the tour groups.
I thought this was an interesting house entrance.
And I liked this paint job too!
We stopped in an underground - well, not really --
restaurant for lunch.
This is how they pull their fishing boats out of the ocean at night.
Some more boats have been pulled out of the water.
CT towns are built mostly on hill sides.
and at top of cliffs

On Tuesday evening, April 17th, we attended a special dinner party in the Portofino restaurant. This dinner was based around a mystery show put on by the Royal Caribbean dancers in which we, the dinner guests, had to guess who murdered one of the actors.

The mystery show's cast

Mardy & Jane
Jane and Mardy, friends we met on this cruise, participated in the Mystery theater.

Earlier that afternoon the Royal Caribbean dancers, as well as other entertainers put up a parade, listed (appropriately) "Circus Parade". Here are some scenes from that event: