New Zealand to Japan
February through April 2007
Page 6 - Hobart Australia

We arrived in Hobart on Saturday, February 24th. -- However, before we look at Hobart, let's take a peek at a couple of photos of Milford Sound and the fjords of New Zealand. The weather was less than perfect so I did not take many pictures.

.. and now, on to Hobart:

We had signed up to take a ship sponsored tour -- for a change -- to introduce us to this city in Tasmania, an island near the southern tip of mainland Australia.

The tour buses picked us up right next to the pier where we were docked. As can be seen from the photo at left, some of the bus drivers were dressed in interesting wardrobes.

Our first tour stop was an Australian military museum. One of the more interesting sights of the museum tour was our guide (right).
The officers' mess (dining room) was nothing like I had seen in the US Army. Many mockups of soldiers.. ..including some of the Korean War era. Back on the bus...
... to the Narryna Heritage Museum. A very interesting sight, as you can tell :-)
Lynda found some flowers to photograph... ... with bees -- closeup Then onward to a winery for some tasting.
And so we say goodbye to Hobart and Tasmania......