New Zealand to Japan
February through April 2007
Page 7 - Melbourne Australia

We pulled into Melbourne harbor early in the morning.
We had arranged for a shore excursion provided by the cruise line. Packed like sardines, we rode a short distance on a bus, then hoofed it to a river (left) past the Melbourne Arts Center (center and right) where we caught a boat to take us up and down the ??? river in the center of Melbourne(below).
Above is another river cruise boat, just like ours, taking off. The first thing we did on the river cruiser was to take photos of the bridge. Once cruising, we were treated to many sights showing both old and new architecture of Melbourne.
Old style. Some artwork on a bridge. A little closer look. Some modern high risers.
And then came the highligh of the cruise. There were bridges so low that they were only inches above the cruiser's roof; low enough that we had to duck under the bridges.

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