New Zealand to Japan
February through April 2007
Page 13 - Brisbane, Australia


In Brisbane we had made arrangements to go rock climbing. That's right -- rock climbing!! We had been warned that the weather at that time of the year might be less than ideal, but we wanted to do it anyway. Little did we know that there were other negatives also -- but now I'm getting ahead of myself.

Before leaving for our trip, we had contacted Pinnacle Sports for a climbing guide and Paul (e-mail: fixed us up with Chris for the day. Chris was an excellent guide and we had a great time in Brisbane. He took us to Mount Tibrogargan, about an hour's drive from the port of Brisbane.

Entrance to the park Lynda preparing for our adventure Chris is ready to go
Our route, looking
up (Not much to see because of the trees).
The start of
"Black Orchid", our route
Chris belays Lynda to the top of pitch 2.. ..and Lynda arriving at the belay ledge. The view!
Removing our climb-
ing shoes at the
top of the route.
Lynda rappelling down Two views of Mount Tibrogargan.

Recall the earlier comment about "little did we know.."? Well, by the time we had finished the climb (and the descent and the hike back to the car) we were lacking in fluids -- mostly due to the mosquitoes and biting black flies sucking our blood!!! Chris sprayed us with DEET and it helped, but because we perspired so much, the DEET washed out quickly and soon the flies were at their game again.

I truly wish I had taken more photos of our wonderful adventure, but it's difficult to get the camera out of the backpack during the climb.

And now.... onto Whitsunday Islands!