New Zealand to Japan
February through April 2007
Page 14 - Whitsunday Islands, Australia


Whitsunday Islands was a stop for our cruise ship. In my search for things to do in this area I was faced with either of two problems:

  1. The cost of (ship) excursions were sky high.
  2. There was not enough time (visiting the Great Barrier Reef, for example).
So I chose a relatively inexpensive sailboat ride lasting a couple of hours.

Here are some photos of our stay in the Whitsundays:

Waiting in the theater for the tour to begin Entering the tender. (Tender is a boat to take you from the ship to the dock when the ship can not go to the dock.) Inside the tender.
Arriving at the dock. Boarding onto the sailboat. On our way.
View back towards the harbor. A lighthouse. A peek at our anchored ship Helping to raise the main sail
A crew member briefing the passengers A passer by They let passengers take the wheel for a while Just some scenery
After sailing trip we took a walk around the harbor village Interesting art work
More artwork Electric scooters only allowed in town A couple of love birds?
Some scenic shots from the cruise ship as we departed

Ready for Cairns?