New Zealand to Japan
February through April 2007
Page 16 - Darwin, Australia


Our next stop -- and the last one in Australia -- was Darwin. Yup, named after the one and only famous Charles Darwin; author of The Darwin Theory of Evolution. On the way to the city we had a day at sea and Dr. Wolff gave us a presentation on Charles Darwin, specifically how he came upon his famous (and controversial) theory of evolution.

A couple of scene shots as we passed in between some islands in the Northeast corner of Australia. Darwin harbor was not much to look at
It was very hot and humid in Darwin. We had no tour or excursion scheduled as we just wanted to walk around town a bit and buy a couple of t-shirts or souvenirs. We also wanted to get access to the internet at a lower cost than on the ship. Even with a package deal, the ship's internet cost $0.40/minute and the connection was as slow or even slower than old style dial-ups. Cheez!
Mandatory pose by a sign Tourists Street scene Found It!
Internet cafe
While Lynda was surfing the web, I took a walk around town to get some photos of Darwin streets and buildings
Returning to the ship This was as we got off the ship

Let's go on to Bali, Indonesia!