New Zealand to Japan
February through April 2007
Page 17 - Bali, Indonesia (Part I)

We arrived in Bali on Thursday morning, March 15th. We were greeted by a partly cloudy sky and a rather warm and muggy conditions. The sun was peeking through the clouds while we were having breakfast and soon we were on a tender proceeding ashore. We passed some interesting looking fishing craft, a cross between canoe and catamaran, then walked up a gang plank to the pier proper where a welcome committee was positioned to greet us ashore.
A view of the shore from our tender boat There were some pretty local girls greeting us (later we saw then performing for us on the ship) A "band" -- which also performed for us later.
Our tour guide. He told us his name but it was so long that we couldn't remember it two minutes later. He told us just to call him Soo. Our first stop was to see the Barong and Kris dance. It was as much a play as a dance and it represented the eternal fight between good and evil spirits. As we walked from the bus to the outdoor theater, we got our first taste of the local peddlers. (More on the peddlers later).
Our tour guide was very helpful. Entrance Our accommodations And the musicians
After looking at the "stage" for over 30 minutes the play began with the tiger which kills a child. The tiger is then attacked and nearly killed by some angry men, but the tiger is helped by a monkey. At left the monkey feeds the wounded tiger.

In the next acts (below) there was some more dancing and acting, most of we could not understand since the performnance was conducted in Balinese (?).

... and so the story ended. The men killed the monkey (above far left) for having helped the tiger. Then, for some unknown reason (to us) the men kill themselves (left).

BTW, take a close look at the two photos above. The man is cutting off the dead monkey's PENIS!!! No kidding.
(Click on the rightmost of the two for an enlarged image)

Story of our Bali trip continues...