New Zealand to Japan
February through April 2007
Page 19 - Semarang, Indonesia


Semarang was another port of call to a place I had never heard of until this cruise. We did a little researching on what we might do or see in Semarang but found nothing interesting at a reasonable price so we decided to explore the city on our own.

At the port, almost right next to the ship, was a souvenier (flea?) market. Lynda took advantage of the situation to do some shopping, although she didn't buy much. We then took off on our planned walk. Along the way we saw some goats grazing along the road/street.
We also passed a street sweeper It was very hot and humid, so after walking a few minutes we succumbed to a solicitation by a rickshaw operator and climbed in A self-portrait of us sitting in the rickshaw
Our smiles soon faded as we found ourselves in the middle of traffic, within inches of trucks zooming by.
And then there was the flood we had to pass through...
A street scene downtown showing the abundance of vans that were serving as taxis Can you believe it? These guys are fishing in a river onto which sewers drain! Yuchh!!! Mopeds were widely used -- in addition to bicycles
Another street scene Some statues Vendor booths everywhere


Far left: A tower?

Left: The vendor booths/shacks blocked the sidewalks.

Right: The river into which sewage was being dumped.


Left: Siesta time? In the park by a church (right)

The park in which
people were sleeping
Bicycling Daily routine Standard transportation
There was a lot of bus traffic. Many of the busses had people hanging out at the doors -- I failed to get a good photo of those riders. After an hour of so walking the streets, we decided to take another rickshaw back to the ship.
On our return ride we saw even more traffic around our rickshaw, but trusted our driver (pedaller??) to keep us safe.

After our ride, we asked the rickshaw driver to pose with me for a photo (gave him a tip, to be sure).

Far right: Vendors at the dock right next to the ship.

Ready for Singapore?