New Zealand to Japan
February through April 2007
Page 20 - Singapore

We had decided not to take a ship (or private, for that matter) tour; instead, we consulted a Lonely Planet guide book for self-guided walks around the city. This would have been a good choice; however, because of some problems with the ship's schedule, we ended up spending only a half a day in Singapore. The ship arrived in port an hour behind schedule and the captain announced we would have to sail two hours earlier than normal. That left us only less than five hours total in the port. Too bad, because there were a lot to see in this very interesting city.

After leaving the ship, we took the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) subway to Raffles Place where our walking tour of China Town began. We found the MRT to be clean -- as Lynda put it: "You could have eaten off the floor"!

We then began our walk, first around the Raffles square, then followed the guide book towards our goal -- chinatown (below).
We passed a temple being rebuilt We found a vegetarian food stand and I had to have a drink of some fruit juice. After finishing the drink, it was time for a bit of goofing off.
We passed by a temple
Hmm, where did they get that name? This is a barber shop listed in the Lonely Planet guidebook. A tourist trap
This was an entrance to a holy place -- now just a tourist attraction, Oh yeah?? Whew! It's HOT!! Right on!!
Had a lunch snack since it was a non-smoking cafe A church?? Not sure what this is
(i.e., other than a building)
This is how they dry clothes in most parts of Asia

Lynda had obtained an address of a tea house and, after some more walking around, we decided to pay it a visit -- and have a taste of Singapore tea!

Lynda reading the menu The waitress gave us a 10-minute lesson on how to make and drink the tea properly Enjoying it!
This sign was inside a Mc Donald's Some more laundry drying Back on the ship, took a few more photos before sailing
Last look at Singapore as we set sail
The gondolas Evening sun was beautiful Then it was time for dinner
Ready for Viet Nam?