New Zealand to Japan
February through April 2007
Page 21 - Nha Trang, Vietnam (Part I)

It was in 1972 when I first went to Viet Nam -- as a soldier. I looked forward to visiting the country again, this time as a civilian -- besides, the last time I didn't have a chance to buy any souveniers, not even a T-shirt :-)  

We arrived in Nha Trang shortly after sunrise; except we could not see the sun because of the rain clouds. Fortunately, the rain stopped soon and we were eager to go ashore, although it remained cloudy and the rain continued to remain as a threat. At far left is our first view of the mainland Vietnam.

The cable cars (or gondolas) seen above at right were brand new, having been finished only two days before our arrival. As it turned out, the cables were a few feet too low for our ship to pass under them and we had to wait about 30 minutes while they positioned the gondolas so that there was no danger of us hitting them as we passed under.
It was obvious that we were visiting a town catering to tourists, as witnessed by the parasailing and fast motorboats we saw (the motorboat above was NOT towing the parachute). We also saw many local fishing(?) boats while waiting for the gondolas to be adjusted.
Another local fishing boat ??? Dozen tour busses were waiting for us on the pier.
On the pier or dock there was a welcoming committee among the best we've seen in any port.
In addition to the dancers and the band, a number of beautiful young girls dressed in traditional clothing gave us personal greetings as we exited the ship.

Waiting on the dock was a slew of souvenir sales booths of which we and most passengers took prompt advantage.

Upon disembarking, there was a tourist souvenier (flea?) market waiting for us Well, it looks like us tourists appreciated the market being there Even Lynda shopped Wile some locals looked on (photo actually taken at a different location)

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