New Zealand to Japan
February through April 2007
Page 24 - Hong Kong


Our arrival, once more, in Hong Kong was in a fog -- or was it pollution?. Naw, it was just cloudy and foggy. We were not surprised to see the tall modern buildings (below) lining the harbor as we knew that Hong Kong had been a major commerce center for a long time.

As soon as we stepped off the ship we were in downtown Hong Kong. There was an art show only a block or two from the harbor. And a McD's!! They had a very nice (fancy) tourist info center (That's Lynda on the left getting directions).
We're still next to the harbor -- a clock tower on the left, and, looking back, the Wasa Queen (a Swedish name???) docked almost next to our ship. The underground passage to the metro.
Soon we were at the station where we wanted to get off and explore Hong Kong. Hey! They have a (Finnish) Sauna in Hong Kong!! Just a street scene.
We passed by a church. And then through our first goal: a flower market.
Next on the itinierary was the Yuen Po Stret Bird Garden. Somewhat disappointing as it turned out to be just a market for caged avians.

Below are some photos taken in the "garden".

Next we took a random walk through the streets heading back towards the harbor and our ship.
Live goldfish for sale -- in plastic bags. A typical apartment house. Just a peaceful park
And that pretty well ends our day in Hong Kong. Looking back, we did not get very good photos of Hong Kong (except, see below) as the city/island was very attractive in its own way. Our excuse is that we simply didn't have enough time in port to do an in-depth examination of the place.

It turns out that each evening the city of Hong Kong puts on a laser light show for visitors. Our ship was scheduled to leave soon after the show so we, as well as nearly all other passengers, stayed on the ship to try to photograph the spectacle. Besides, the top decks of our ship turned out to be a fairly good viewpoint for the event.

Some of the laser beams were colored and I have some photos of green lights (click here to view) as well as some colored building lights (view).

Next we go to Xiamen, China.