New Zealand to Japan
February through April 2007
Page 25 - Xiamen, Peoples Republic of China (part I)


To tell you the truth, neither of us had ever heard of Xiamen until we booked this cruise -- and I venture to guess, neither have you. Well, Xiamen turned out to be a rather nice place as can be seem from the photos. We had signed up for a ship-sponsored cruise to an island garden just a short hop across the bay from downtown Xiamen.

It says:
Xiamen is one of China's most tourist-friendly cities which until the 1950's was located on an off-shore island, but is now joined to the mainland by a 5km long causeway and is one of the most tastefully renovated cities in the country. It is located in the province of Fujian in southern China. An attractive city with a bustling nautical atmosphere, Xiamen was known as Amoy in the 19th century.
Our excursion to Schuzchuang Garden, an island across the bay from downtown Xiamen, began with a bus ride to the local ferry dock. Our guide (above) gave us a brief history of Xiamen and the park during the short ride. A rather interesting light (photo snapped through our bus window). This was in a park located along the sea shore.
Another artsy thing (what is it -- a sail?) in the park between the street and shoreline. The Chinese men were often seen playing some chess-like game. This was also taken from our bus window as we passed by the park. Entrance to the dock where we caught the ferry to take us to the garden.
There were performers welcoming us to the ferry port. Unfortunately they were taking a short break just as our bus (one of several) unloaded. Next to our very ordinary ferry -- I didn't take photos of our ferry, it was so ordinary looking -- was a much more interesting craft. People were loading on it at the same time as we boarded.
More photos of the other ferry/boat.
Another ferry boat. A musician welcoming us to the island Local school girls curiously looking at us American tourists
A little out of sequence, but here is the sign describing what we were visiting. Scenes near the dock
Sorry, I don't have time to write captions except where absolutely necessary. Here are some photos taken during our visit of the Schuzchuang Garden just outside the city of Xiamen, Peoples Republic of China.

Xiamen story continues....