New Zealand to Japan
February through April 2007
Page 27 - Shanghai, China (Part 1 of 4)


First, I must say that I was impressed -- no, awestruck -- by the city of Shanghai. It was a city far beyond my expectations and reiterated what I have been saying for some time: China is going to replace the USA as the world's greatest power; and I don't mean a hundred years from now either. But, politics aside, Shanghai IMHO should be the number one place to visit for those interested in seeing the world.

Arriving in the port of Shanghai one can see the skyscrapers and modern buildings. It was foggy (some say the 'fog' was air pollution) when we docked and could not see clearly the details of the landscape, but it was impressive, nevertheless. This is the opposite side of the river we sailed on to get to port of Shanghai.
(Above and below) I wanted to show the large number of residential units located near the port (the photos were taken from aboard our ship while we were waiting for the authorities to clear our vessel for debarkation). (Above) Look at the number of cargo vessels traveling to and from the port of Shanghai. Truly amazing!

(Below) Some of the tour busses waiting for us to get off the ship. Notice the construction behind the dock -- more on that later.

A wider view of the dock and the huge complex being built. A closeup of the workers.
The police were watching. Our gang gathering at the dock.
Jack, our tour guide is behind Lynda, just barely visible.
Ship-sponsored tour operators waiting for their passengers. Our group boarding the mini-bus.
Our first stop was the Shanghai Museum located in the center of Shangai.

After leaving the museum, we took a walk down the streets of Shanghai