New Zealand to Japan
February through April 2007
Page 33 - Dalian, China

Now, I must admit that Dalian was another city that I had never heard of until we started to examine the ports-of-call for this cruise. We arrived in Dalian on Sunday, April 1st in weather less than ideal for touring. We had not signed up for any tours and had opted instead to do a self-guided walk, as recommended by a travel book we had read.

Some people had arranged for tours as can be seen from the number of busses waiting for us to disembark. One thing we encountered in nearly all of China was very strict procedures demanded by the local authorities. After passing the entry police we began our walk through Dalian, photographing anything of interest that we saw on the way.
Some street scenes -- including a Starbucks!!
Lynda visited the bathroom in Starbucks Back on the street, continuing our walk. We came upon a town square....
...where kids were feeding the pigeons Next to the square were some older style buildings with modern skyscrapers as a backdrop.
Another view showing the skyscrapers. This may be the old city hall OK, whatever Beer!! Making me thirsty.
Tourists!! Our goal was the Russian Street with its interesting architecture
This (at left) is the last photo of the Russian Street area. We wanted to walk around the city a bit before reboarding our ship.
A few street scenes. The last photo at right is my attempt to show the construction that's happening all over China -- at least in the cities -- but because of the sun being in the wrong position, the photo didn't turn out well. Why include it on this page? Well, that's a good question. Let me think a while of an answer....

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