New Zealand to Japan
February through April 2007
Page 34 - Pusan, South Korea


Pusan (or Busan) was our only port of call in South Korea. I had hoped to do some rock climbing with a local climber, but she was unable to take a day off from work as our visit was on a Monday. The local climbing group has a great website that I used to contact them before leaving on our trip.

We were greeted with a quite a welcoming show by the city of Pusan.
Pusan is not a very big city -- but they have a Starbucks!!
Lynda toured the city with a couple of other passengers, starting with the fish market (below).
In the meanwhile, I took a local metro, then a bus to Geum Jeong Mountain where I knew would be some climbable cliffs. I opted to go to the small cliff where I could do some bouldering, and hoping I would find some other climbers. Well, I did see a couple of climbers but they were Korean and obviously hard climbers so I didn't engage in a conversation with them -- they may not have spoken any English.
This sign was on the mountain at the bus stop where I got off. This is the cliff I visited and climbed Hey, Lynda isn't the only flower photographer in this family!
Looking back at the mountain I visited A church near the Nopo Dong metro station

Ready for Nagsaki, Japan?