New Zealand to Japan
February through April 2007
Page 40 - Nagoya, Japan


We had been really looking forward to our visit of Nagoya. A few years ago Lynda had provided a place to live for a Japanese student, Naoko, who was attending a local college in Saranac Lake. Naoko and Lynda had kept in touch over the following years, Lynda even visiting Naoko on her wedding. We had arranged to meet her and her family on our trip to Japan.

Our hotel on the first night in Nagoya
.. and here are Naoko and her husband Takashi having dinner with us that night.
(Better photos later)
and ther charming children, Haruto on the left and Riho on the right. They were such wonderful kids, and well behaved.
Haruto and Riho taking a ride after dinner.
This (above and below) is a hot spring foot bath we stopped in to enjoy a bit of Japanese life. The water was hot, but not burning and it took us only a few seconds to immerse our feet into the pool. The bottom of the pool/spring had roughness built into it, but of various levels so that those of us not having had walked barefooted very much could massage the bottoms of our feet without (or with only minor) pain. It felt GOOD!
Haruto showing off Riho didn't seem to be overly excited of the hot water Pete enoyed it too! We also stopped at a glass factory for some shopping.