Our Trip to Europe
April 29 - June 26 2005

Page 3 - Malaga, Spain

We arrived in Malaga in warm and sunny weather. Our first task was to join a tour of the city for which we ad signed up before leaving for the cruise.  The tour took us to an old fortress on top of a hill.  From the fortress we were able to see most of the city below us.
Port of Malaga. View Southwest. A bull ring.
One newer housing development. Central city view ??
Some posed shots in the Malaga Fortress.

Petting a horse.  It had rained for a few minutes, hence the raincoat. Malaga streets are narrow... ... worthy of a photo or two.

At tour's end, the guide led us to the final stop, the Borghese Cafe, where we sipped each a glass of local wine. 

After finishing our Malaga city tour, we returned to the ship and packaged all the cruise-specific clothes into two boxes; then returned to the city, found a post office, and mailed them home.  We were determined to do our Europe traveling as light as possible. (Turned out later that we still had packed too much and mailed another two boxes home -- see the page for Stockholm.)

Having done our mail-hoome chore, we were able to tour the city on our own.  What did we find?  Well, among other things, see the photo at far right :-)

We even found a McDonald's!!  They are everwhere, as we found later on our trip.

We then returned to the ship and managed to get a session on the climbing wall before dinner. (left)

And, of course, our usual before dinner drinks:  a Chamboird martini and a beer. (right)

Onward to Barcelona!


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