Our Trip to Europe
April 29 - June 26 2005

Page 4 - Barcelona (Part 1, Montserrat)

Barcelona is a wonderful, beautiful city full of attractions for tourists. Our ship arrived in Barcelona the evening of May 13th but we did not disembark until the following morniing.  We had signed up for a tour of Montserrat, and our coverage begins with that tor.


The tours are numbered, and the participants get a stick-on patch to indicate which one we are on -- #6 in our case.

On the way to Montserrat we saw Queen Mary 2 from our bus window (right).

Montserrat could be seen from the bus window occasionally (left).

Initial street scene after arrival (right).

Main "street" in Montserrat Cog railway More of Main Street
Artwork Climb those! Main street from a distance
Pete tries a little bouldering Lynda:  Me too! On a trail
Some more scenery of and from Montserrat.  Right:  Lynda finally gets to sit down after our hike up and down a trail.

Barcelona is next.

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