Our Trip to Europe
April 29 - June 26 2005

Page 5 - Barcelona (part 2)

After returning from Montserrat, we were dropped off on the central plaza of Barcelona from where we took a metro rain to Barbera del Valle, where our hotel was located.  Barbera del Valle was about a 20-minute train ride, followed by a 15-minute bus ride away from center of Barcelona.  It was a little farther than we would have wanted, but the lower price made the commute worthwhile.
We spent lots of time in the Barbera del Valles station waiting for the train so we took many pictures to pass the time.
Below, train arrives -- and it's standing room only.
While sitting at the station, I took a picture of my bruised toes.  The big toes were injured back in March on a descent from Mount Washington in New Hampshere.
Barcelona central square Central square Tour bus
The Las Ramblas area. See what we found! A mime, of which there were many
Resting in a sidewalk cafe drinking a whatchamacallit and a beer. Another mime.
Left: Did we ever mention that they had some small cars in Europe?

Right: ??

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