Our Trip to Europe
April 29 - June 26 2005

Page 6 - Barcelona (Part 3)

On the morninng of May 16th, our second day in Barcelona, we opted to tour the city on our own. We purchased all-day metro tickets and visited several tourist spots as well as doing some aimless walking around.  Unfortunately, Lynda's camera malfunctioned (we didn't know it until we got home) and I don't have photos of some of the sights; e.g., Sagrada Familia Cathedral.

At right and below are some street scenes taken on our aimless wandering sessions.  (Reminder:  Click on any photo to see a larger image.)

Buying post cards. Mimes everywhere. Picasso exhibit --
skipped due to high cost.
Interesting... architecture. Ditto
At lunch time we dropped in the Udon Noodle bar, which we had found researching the internet before leaving home.  The food was excellent and reasonably priced.  And we got to use chopsticks to boot!!

After lunch we proceeded to the Arc de Triomf, then back to Las Ramblas all the way to the port end of the place.

Arc de Triomf Sight seeing double-decker ???
Street performer Hard Rock Cafe here too! ???
On the morning of May 17th we packed our bags and checked out of our hotel.  A taxi ride to the train station and the train to the downtown Barcelona main station where we stowed our luggage in a locker and continued to tour the city.  We had reservations for an overnight train to Chur, Switzerland departing at 9 p.m.


Loading the taxi
Storing our luggage Returning to the surface Lynda helping a couple of girls
A fountain in the central town plaza.
Barcelona port Las Ramblas ???
Near the port Dinner at McD's - tried their new PitaMacs. Riding on the metro
At 9.pm. (actuallly around 8:30) we boarded the train.  We had reserved a four-person couchette but, lucky for us, we were the only occupants and had the cabin(?) entirely to ourselves.

Onward to Switzerland!



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