Our Trip to Europe
April 29 - June 26 2005

Page 7 - Chur and the Glacier Express

We woke up the morning of May 18th just vefore our overnight train reached Basel, Switzerland.  We changed trains ad proceeded to Chur via Zurich.
Breakfast on the train. From train window in Zurich
From the train window between Zurich and Chr Our hotel, the Drei Koenige in Chur
We did very little sightseeing in Chur; instead, concentrated on doing chores such as getting cash (right) and doing laundry (below).
19th of May we boarded the Glacier Express.  This had been a much-anticipated adventure as we had been expecting spectacular views from this train.  Unfortunatel the weather was not in our favor and much of the scenery was hidden from us inside clouds.
Lynda opted to read... instead of enjoying occasional scenery... ..and Pete even dozed off.
Train in the clouds Clearing up a bit Lynda!!
Zermatt is next!



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