Our Trip to Europe
April 29 - June 26 2005

Page 8 - Zermatt, Switzerland

We arrived in Zermatt at about 17:30 (that's 5:30 p.m. to us Yanks) and huffed and puffed ourselves and our luggage up the hills to the youth hostel where we had reservations.  The beige building in the center is the hostel office and restaurant.  Our room was on the first floor of the blue-gray structure to the left of the office building.

Our room had two windows, one of which faced South towards the Matterhorn which was clearly vsible at times -- although it was a bit cloudy when we arrived.  (See below).


Lynda having dinner in the youth hostel.
Pete dining. Two views from our West facing window.
Three views of the Matterhorn, all from Zermatt.
(Don't forget - you can click the mouse on any photo to get a larger view.)
The next morning was a bit on the cold side and we dressed accordingly as we walked down to the cog-train station (right).  We took the cog-train (far right) to a place above the snow and tree lines, named Gornergrat.
One view from Gornergrat We were not alone.
Gotta pose with Matterhorn in the background. Ditto. Tanning???
A couple of view on the Gornergrat (at right).
Far left:  Lynda examining souveniers.

Left:  A photograper's dog. He offered to take a photo of you with the dog -- for a fee, of course.

We spent a little over an hour on Gronergrat, taking in (and photographing) the views before proceeding back down to Zermatt.
Pete back down in Zermatt.
Boarding the cog train back down.... ...and relax!
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