Our Trip to Europe
April 29 - June 26 2005

Page 10 - Saas-fee, Switzerland

We visited Saas Fee because it was Lynda's late mother's favorite place in Europe.  Our timing, however, was a bit amiss as the town closes for the month of May, being the in-between season.  Nevertheless, we were able to get the flavor of the village even though nearly all businesses, including gondola lifts, were closed.
Saas Fee is nestled in the middle of Swiss Alps Entrance to Saas Fee
WaSlking down the deserted
main drag.
Interesting.. Nearly all streets were
Lynda at her favorite pastime -- photographing flowers. .. and the result
.. and another.

Above Left: A real honest-to-goodness glacier in the mountains above the town.

Above right:  Old time buildings were built on pillars designed to keep out rodents and other animals.   I guess the buggers must have been a big problem back then -- don't know much about the situation that existed.

Right and below:  For lunch we chose the only cafe/restaurant open.  A wise decision, I think. In addition to the beers, we had Swiss fondue -- a dish Lynda said we could not leave Swizerland without having at least one.  Mmmm, good!

Lynda calling home. Enjoying the sun. A good thing that we did, for little did we know we would not see the sun again for several days to come!
The bus we took to and from Saas Fee. Loading... Ditto
Shale on roofs?  We saw many
examples of this.
An unusual-looking
They've got some curvy roads
down there in Switzerland!  And our bus driver must have thought himself to be Mario Andretti!!  We were holding on for dear life with our hearts pounding...
Scenes along the higway.
Next, we take an overnight train to Amsterdam, Holland.


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