Our Trip to Europe
April 29 - June 26 2005

Page 11 - Amsterdam (part 1)

Our reason for visiting Amsterdam was a bit odd. We wanted to go from Saas Fee, Switzerland, to Garmisch, Germany, about a four hour train ride.  With the cost of hotels being $135 and up per night, and us having a EuRail pass giving us free rides anywhere in Western Europe, I started looking for a city we could visit afer an overnight train ride.  Amsterdam filled the bill.  We took an overnight train from Saas Fee and arrived in Amsterdam at about 7 am.  Lynda woke up first a little after five, I think, and ended up having time to study Rick Steve's Amsterdam references (right).
After getting off the train, and stopping for a cup of coffee and a roll, we opted to take one of Amsterdam's canal tours.  At far left, Lynda descends to the dock to wait for the next boat (left).  A few minutes later we found ourselves on a cruise (below).
A typical Amsterdam canal. One with boats and one of the many houseboats.
One of the many bridges
our cruise boat went under.
An interesting houseboat relic.
Probably hasnt been moved in ages.
As our cruise came to near its end.. ..we passed an old ship.. ..and bicycles.
Our canal cruise finished, we took a walk to the local tourist information offic where we obtained some maps and brochures.  We also took some time to surf the internet -- actually to check our e-mails and bank accounts.

With fresh maps in our hands, we proceeded on a self-guided walking tour.  It was during this walk that we realized how many bicycles there are in this beautiful city.  Some bikes, as the one in the center above, were uniquely decorated.

On the left many bicyclists can be seen crossing the bridge, along with both cars as well as pedestrians.

Then it was the time for lunch!  Lynda had researched restaurants on the web prior to leaving home and the Pancake Bakery was one of the most recommended.  As can be seen from the photos below, this restaurant/cafe was an excellent choice.  First a glass of wine, then the super-duper pancakes.
We got our stomachs full!!
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