Our Trip to Europe
April 29 - June 26 2005

Page 12 - Amsterdam (part 2)

There were some notable signs that we ran into during our walk down the streets. You may have to click on the one at far right for a larger image that is more readable.  Signs about pick-pockets were everywhere, on the streets, in busses and on trains.
I thought this was funny -- all arrows are one meter apart. Good thing we were wearing money belts.
One type of canal boat. ..and another.
More canal scenes. Bicyclists.
As mentioned before - and is apparent from the potos - there are many "permanent" houseboats anchored in Amsterdam's canals.  The story is that at one time residents could own mooring space in front of their residences.  The ownership of these mooring spaces was separate from their associated real estate, and most were eventually sold, many to people who established residency in their boats.  The laws changed over the years to prohibit establishment of permanent residences on the canal waters, but they provided a "grandfather" clause to those who had households established at the time the laws were changed. Above right is an excellent example of a "waterfront log cabin" residence, very well maintained.  (I wonder what owners of these houseboats do about sewage?)
In our travels through the streets of Amsterdam we also found the residence of Anne Frank, of her diary fame.  At left are two photos.

At right are some of rather unique looking bikes.  They were for rent!

Above and below:  Some street scenes.
Some colorful buildings.. ..and cars :-)
One unlucky driver/owner. On the train to Garmisch.
Next stop:  Garmisch, Germany.
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