Our Trip to Europe
April 29 - June 26 2005
Lynda Edris and Pete Grant

Page 13 - Garmisch, Germany

Weatherwise, our visit to Germany was very disappointing.  As can be seen from the photo at left, taken from the train between Munich and Garmisch, it was drab at best.  Nevertheless, we had plans and reservations so we went ahead and did the best with what we got.

We arrived in Garmisch at 9:30 am.  The plan had been to stow our luggage in the train station and catch the 10:00 cog train to Zugspitz, Bavaria's (and Germany's) highest peak.  Because it was raining, we decided to check into our hotel immediately and wait a while to see how the weather changed.  It began to clear up a bit and at 11:30 we decided to go for the 12 noon train instead.
Arrival in Garmisch Our hotel. Cog (Zugspitz) train station
We could have ridden the train all the way to Zugspitz; however, we decided to take Rick Steves' advice and transfer to a cable car in Eibsee.  We planned to use the cog trains for the entire return trip.  Eibsee is a beautiful lake nestled between the mountain peaks and we would have spent some time hiking there, but the weather...  I have been to Eibsee way back when I was in the service stationed in Germany, circa 1970, and remembered it to be an awesome scenic place.
Cog train to Eibsee. Station in Eibsee. Boarding the cable car.
On the way up. At the summit. View west from the summit.

The ride up in the cable car was both interesting and disappointing.  Interesting in that we were crammed into the car with a bunch of snow boarders, mostly teenagers.  I wish I had taken a photo, although in the cramped quarters it may not have turned out as expected.  The disappointing part was the almost total engulfment inside clouds.  Couldn't see a thing except for an instance about half way up as in the photo above left.

At the summit was a restaurant and the usual gift shop.  We had a glass of wine, took a couple of photos on the veranda, then took another cable car down to the ski area and cog rail station for our return ride to Garmisch.
Lynda's turn to pay. Cheers. Aargh! Clouds again.
View south. Southwest view showing the ski area. In the cable car - almost alone this time.
At left are a couple of shots near the ski area and cog rail station.  The sun was shining on us there but the surrounding area was mostly cloud covered.

After taking a few photos we took the train back to Garmisch -- and rain :-(

Entrance to the dining room. The dining room.
Another dining room view. Our bed.
It was raining most of the afternoon.  We were stuck in our hotel and took some indoor photos to pass the time. (See above).

Then, finally about 4 p.m. the rain eased off and we were able to take a walk through a small section of Garmisch -- before it again started to rain.

Street scenes in Garmisch.
Window shopping. Mekong -- in Garmisch???
Garmmisch architecture. Stopping to smell the flowers.
It was raining again the next day when we left Garmisch.  It was pouring when we got to Munich and we ended up spending several hours in the railroad station waiting for our overnight train to Copenhagen.

I managed to get out and take a few photos around the railway station in between the downpours.

In Garmisch??? Rain in Munich.
More rainy street scenes in Munich.

Busses run in the rain. Munich's main train station.
And now, we say good bye to Germany and aim the front of our train towards Copenhagen in Denmark.  We were quite disappointed at the weather.  We'll try to do better next time.


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