Our Trip to Europe
April 29 - June 26 2005
Lynda Edris and Pete Grant

Page 14 - Copenhagen, Denmark (part1)

Note:  I didn't notice this until we got back home and downloaded our photos to a computer:  Many of the pictures are tilted!  Especially those in vertical format (see left).  Bear with us on this issue 'cause we can't do anything (within reason) about it now.  By the way, I don't have a clue as to why I took that picture.

Speaking of pictures, click on any photo for a larger view, then use the back-arrow in your browser to return to this page.

Our base location for Copenhagen was Kirsten's Bed and Breakfast.  A great B&B it was.  Kirsten's place was located in the Holte suburb of Copenhagen where we were treated to a quiet place to sleep and a wonderful breakfast every morning.  After getting off the train we took a bus to Kirsten's and settled in. 

Next morning, Tuesday, May 24th, we began our exploration of Copenhagen, and what did we see right off the bat?  American Indians!  They were performing some kind of a show in the central square, next to the train station.   We arrived on the scene near the end of their presentation and were able to snap only a few pictures before they left the "stage".
Some street scenes around the central square.
Three shots of Hans Christian Anderson.
Hans is the pride of Copenhagen; tomorrow we'll get to meet
Hans in person (well, not quite. Stay tuned.)
After a short walk-around we decided to take a bus tour on one of them there double-decker buses.  It was kind of cool, air temperature-wise, but the sun was out so we chose the open upper deck.
The Little Mermaid. Windmills abound.
After the double-decker bus tour finished (the photo at left was taken on the tour), we felt a bit hungry and thirsty. We knew of a cafe named RizRaz, again as a result of Lynda's internet surfing/research, and decided to find it to have lunch.  RizRaz is a vegetarian buffet restaurant located in the heart of Copenhagen.  We highly recommend it.  They have a Danish language website; for those who don't speak Danish, check out this site.

After finishing lunch, we walked around a bit more and then went to the Tivoli Garden amusement center.

At left (and right) is a building of some interest.  The statues at the top of the tower move in and out depending on weather forecast.  If good weather is predicted, a bicycler comes out, if rain is expected, an umbrella holding lady appears.  When uncertain, as at present, neither is clearly out of the tower.  Right:  Had to capture the Carlsberg's claim :-)
Tivoli Gardens (entrance at right) was a bit of a disappointment, partially because of the weather. Part of the problem was the extensive build-up I had received from people who had visited the place in the past.

Not that we regretted going in and paying the fee, it was worth it, but it just wasn't up to my expectations.  I was under the impression that it was much larger than it turned out to be.

Talk about ads!  Note that there are no billboards in Denmark that we could see.  All advertising appeared on buildings. Tivoli Gardens.
  Lynda playing with monsters.
Tomorrow, Hans Christian Andersen guided tour.
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