Our Trip to Europe
April 29 - June 26 2005
Lynda Edris and Pete Grant

Page 17 - Copenhagen (part 4 - Christiania, etc.)

Thursday, May 26th.

We had read about Christiania, established in 1971 when a group of hippie squatters took over the area and defied authorities who demanded that the squatters vacate imediately.  It is now a semi-legal independent community where cars are not allowed and photography is prohibited in much of the area.  Until 2004, marijuana and hashish were openly sold on Pusher Street; however, hard drugs such as heroin and cocaine were (and still are) banned. More detailed information and history of Christiania can be found on Wikipedia.

A map or layout of Christiania. View from the Copenhagen side
Note the church steeple in the background.  I climbed it yesterday.
Graffiti or art? Entrance. Inside.

Because photography was not allowed on Pusher street, we decided to honor the residents' wishes and kept our cameras in their cases - except where permitted.  We were surprised to see a Danish police squad patrolling the area; perhaps theh "hippies" no longer control this place.  We later asked Kirsten, our B&B host, about the situation and her response was that things have quieted down some now that Copenhagen police are entering Christiania.

We spent a total of about 90 minutes in Christiania, then left to visit other areas of Copenhagen, starting with xxx park (below).

Remember this? Statue. Geese nesting.
Next we visited the Rosenborg Castle. It was built as a royal summer residence by King Christian IV in 1606-34. The King designed the Castle himself in Dutch Renaissance style and lived here until he died in 1648. The Castle was at that time outside the ramparts of Copenhagen with its own kitchen and flower gardens. In 1838 Rosenborg Castle was opened as a museum to the public and the royal crown jewel are kept in the castle cellars.
Lynda entering. The castle is guarded.
Rosenborg Castle scenes.
While we were there, a changing of the guard occurred
We left Rosenborg Castle after the guard change and went to Sheraz Pakistani restaurant for dinner. This was, as far as I remember, our first taste of Pakistani cuizine.  We didn't write down into our notebook what we had but whatever our choices were, they were delicious!

Tomorrow we go visit Dragor

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