Our Trip to Europe
April 29 - June 26 2005
Lynda Edris and Pete Grant

Page 19 - Stockholm

Saturday, 28th of May.
We arrived in Stockholm in the afternoon on Friday the 27th and went directly to Atum B&B in Mälarhöjden, a suburb of Stockholm. Atum B&B is owned by the Olin's, Christina and Matt.  We truly enjoyed our stay with the Olins and having breakfast with other guests.  Although everyone spoke English fluently, only one couple besides us were from the US.  The other guests were from England, Australia, Germany, and one more county which we can't remember.  At left are two photos of the B&B; one of the entrance and the other taken in our room. 

Friday morning, after a hearty breakfast at Christina's, we took the train to downtown Stockholm and were greeted by a Buddhist display and ceremony (below).

One of the first sights we saw was a "statue" of a  drowning man, similar to The Awakening in Haines Point, Washington DC.
Next our travels took us to the Royal Palace where, among other things, we saw portions of a guard change.  There were so many people in the square itself that we decided to leave and see whatever we could find outside.  All of the guard changing photos (except the one on the left) were take outside the palace square proper.
Near the Royal Palace was a Finnish church (above). Behind the church was a small park in which was the smallest (6" tall) of Stockholm's 600 statues.  He represents the "orphan boys" of years ago who used to unload the ships.  Today women still knit him little hats in the winter to keep him warm.  Rub his head for good luck! This is one of Lynda's 2 favorite statues in Stockholm.
We saw some more sights...
We ate dinner at the Indian Tandoori Restaurant.




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