Our Trip to Europe
April 29 - June 26 2005
Lynda Edris and Pete Grant

Page 20 - Sweden

Sunday, May 29th.  We had made arrangements to rent a small car so that we could visit Orrefors glass factory.  The factory is located near Vaxjo, about 300 road kilometers (200 miles) from Stockholm.  We could have used our Eurail passes and taken a train to Vaxjo, but to visit Orrefors would have required renting a car for a day anyway.  By renting a car from Stockholm, we were able to tour the countryside including Kalmar and Oland. A little (?) more expensive, but well worth it.
Our reservation was for a compact car.  Look at what they gave us -- a Volvo (left)!!

Luxury :-)

We took a lunch break in a truck stop.  Note the old American sedan parked at the stop.  The name on that truck reminds me of a movie.
We saw many fields of yellow flowers. Another lunch break.
In Vaxjo, we checked into a hotel, bought dinner groceries,
and relaxed.
Orrefors factory. There's more than one? The weather:-(
On Öland island....


Windmill, Öland island. Back in Stockholm.
Left:  dinner at????

Right:  Chocolate!! In a shopping mall in Stockholm.

The morning of June 1st we checked out of our B&B and took the train to central Stockholm where we placed out luggage in a locker, then went for a tour of Vasa Musem.  After the museum we just walked around to see the sights -- and to kill time until the 8:15 pm departure on a ferry to Finland.
Stockholm scene. A street mall. Our ferry arriving.
Our ferry has departed.  Views of (and goodbyes to) Stockholm.
Views on and from our Silja Line ferry.
Final sunset view from the ferry. Enjoying a glass of wine before retiring.
Our next stop is
Turku, Finland.
Getting read for bed. Bunk beds!! :-(
And now ... Finland!
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