Our Trip to Europe
April 29 - June 26 2005
Lynda Edris and Pete Grant

Page 21 - Turku, Finland

We arrived in Turku from Stockholm on Thursday morning, June 2nd.  We disembarked from the Silja Line ferry, took our baggage to a locker in the train station and had a light breakfast of coffee and pastry.
We then walked overto the Maritime Museum, oneof Turku's main attractions.
Canal on the way to the museum. Other side of the canal.
Building (?) Nearing the Maritime Museum.
 Monument. Old ship on display in the museum.
Ringing the bell and generally goofing off on the old ship.
A newer ship Suomen Joutsen (Finland Swan)
The Turku Cathedral was our next place to visit.
Hey, look what I got! mmm, good! I'm gonna gain ten pounds
if Finnish food is this good.

Lappeenranta is next.


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