Our Trip to Europe
April 29 - June 26 2005
Lynda Edris and Pete Grant

Page 23b -Moscow

Continuing my walk around the outside of the Kremlin.  On the East side of the Kremlin lies the Red Square, which was pictured on the previous page.  We now find ourselves in the park on the Western side.  (Portions of the park; e.g., the WW2 Memorial, were included on the previous page also.)
Flowers The Kremlin
Souvenier shop Outside the Kremlin Official entrance
into the Kremlin
We now find ourselves on the South side of the Kremlin.  As is apparent from the photo, not many tourists wander here.
Traffic next to the Kremlin Mercedes Benz??
Canal (Moskya River) scenes from a bridge.
That's the south wall of the Kremlin on the right.
They park wherever they want.
This is the sidewalk!
Moscow has cars..
and traffic.
Architecture Some government building
Mice building along the Moskya Tourist busses
Shopping mall next to the Red Square Inside the mall Ditto
Red Square Street scene University
Musicians in an underground tunnel Tourist entrance into
the Kremlin
Street scene Back to Red Square
A couple additional shots of the guard at the WW2 Memorial.


A tour of the Kremlin!

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