Our Trip to Europe
April 29 - June 26 2005
Lynda Edris and Pete Grant

Page 29 - Kuopio (paart 1)

We arrived in Kuopio on Thursday, June 16th. We had taken an overnight train from Hämeenlinna to Oulu, then another train from Oulu to Kuopio.  Why such a convoluted itinireary?  To utilize the sleeping facilities of overnight trains; considerably cheaper than hotels.  With our unlimited ScanRail passes, the train transportation didn't cost any; only the extra cost of a two-person sleeper cabin.  Later, we determined, however, that traveling extra distances to take advantage of overnight travel is just not a good practice.  First, the savings aren't that great when reserving and using two-person couchettes which cost 42 Euros for the two of us.  Compare this to a comfortable hotel room at 80 Euros -- including a hearty breakfast.  Second, most overnight trains departed late in the evenings; between 10:30 and midnight, causing us to end up sitting hours at a time in railroad stations waiting for the trains.

We had hotel reservations in Hotel Jahti, a very pleasant, and reasonably priced, place located a few blocks from the town center.  In addition to providing us with breakfast, the hotel also had free internet access.  All in all, a good choice.

Upon arrival, the sky was overcast and the temperature on the cool side, so we thought it would be a good time to visit an indoor attraction such as a museum.



Entrance Artwork on the wall An emu???
After the museum visit, it was the time to take another cruise -- in spite of the less than ideal weather.  At right is the ship we took.

While waiting for the departure we saw that we had missed a novel way to get to the port -- a street train (below).

A street train? Looking back from the ship after departure.
Lynda hoping for warmer weather. Lakeside Sauna ???
Kuopio's main power plant. View of Kuopio from the lake.
Still waitinig for that sun. Another island summer residence.
Our next adventure was to visit the Puijo Tower.  The tower sits on top of Puijo hill, the tallest hill in the Kuopio region, and is 75 meters (approx 220 feet) high.  The tower has a rotating restaurant near the top where we spent a little time sipping wine while enjoying the views.

We opted to hike to the tower instead of riding.  Looks like we were the only ones doing the one mile distance on foot.

Way to the tower. The uphill hiker.
Restaurant/inn at the base of the tower. Puijo Tower.
A couple of views from Puijo Tower.
Sipping wine inside the Puijo Tower rotating restaurant.

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