Our Trip to Europe
April 29 - June 26 2005
Lynda Edris and Pete Grant

Page 32 - Oulu

We arrived in Oulu the afternoon of June 19th, a Sunday.  Our hotel was Hotelli Lasaretti, a very nice modern hotel located about half a mile from downtown Oulu.  It had facilities for meetings as well as a complete physical exercise room, including a sauna.  Apparently built for business travelers.  Below are two photos of the hotel's front yard.
Artwork in front of our hotel. Interior.  Very new, modern and comfortable.
After arrival, and early dinner, we took a walk in the general vicinity of our hotel.  It was warm and sunny, and after a few blocks of city streets (left), we hiked along the Oulu River on a bike and pedestrian path.  
The main church A competitor to our hotel.
The dam. Fountains in Oulu River.
A swimming beach above the dam. Oops - out of sequence - Oulu town hall.
The next morning was Monday, June 20th, and we took a road East with the goal of visiting Leppiniemi where I grew up.  We also wanted to stop by in Muhos to find the school I attended the last year before I left for the US of A.

On the way, we saw a sign for Turkansaari National Monument and stopped there to look around.  The monument turned out to be a museum.

Sign at the entrance to Turkansaari.
At left are a sledge and a sleigh from 19th century. At right is a tar-producing facility.
Left:  Lynda relaxing in Turkansaari.

We then continued on to Muhos and


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