Our Trip to Europe
April 29 - June 26 2005
Lynda Edris and Pete Grant

Page 34 - Rovaniemi and Santa Claus village on the Arctic Circle

Tuesday morning, June 21st, we drove our little rented Opel from Oulu to Rovaniemi.  Driving in Lapland was a great experience for the landscapes we saw.  Below are some photos of the drive between Oulu and Rovaniemi.
Our little Opel Field of ???
Haylofts on a farm Farm
I found the bus stops along the road interesting -- and cute.  There were some with potted flowers on the window, but I did not have a chance to stop and snap a picture because they were in cities and there was more traffic.
Reindeer grazing Directions Land of midnight sun
Welcome to the Arctic Circle!
 ... and to Santa Claus Village!
Entering Petting.. ..and posing
We bought the post cards, and even mailed some, then returned to Oulu to our hotel room.  Sokos hotel chain is one of the biggest in Finland, and their prices seem to be reasonable; however, in all other cities we were able to find a lower price -- with less stars -- until we came to Rovaniemi.  Their summer rates were comparable to those of independent one and two star facilities, so we took advantage of the situation and booked a room in the Sokos Vaakuna hotel.

The next morning, June 22nd, Lynda was not feeling well, and wanted to spend the day in bed, taking some medication. We were hoping that by resting during the day she would be well enough to stay up to see the midnight sun.  In the meanwhile, I took the Opel on a trip to Sodankyla, about a 90-minute drive North from Rovaniemi.  The day was overcast and as a result, I did not take many photos during that excursion.

Old Church Outside Inside
Closer to the altar Another outside view

I returned to the hotel to find Lynda feeling much better.  We ate dinner and walked around town a bit.  It was still overcast, and even rained a bit.  We determined that the chance of seeing the midnight sun was zero and instead turned in and got a good night's sleep.

More of Lapland coming up.


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