Our Trip to Europe
April 29 - June 26 2005
Lynda Edris and Pete Grant

Page 35 - Touring Lapland

We left Rovaniemi to return to  Oulu where we were to drop off our rental car and catch an overnight train to Helsinki for our return flight home.  Instead of going the shortest route, we took a semi-circular path that included Kemijärvi.  Reason:  we had all day and I had never been to Kemijärvi.  On the way we saw reindeer and scenery worth the extra distance and time.
Road to Kemijärvi Bike path
There are reindeer in the northern Finland (Lapland) as is warned by many signs along the highways. 
Who said there's no mountains in Finland? A lone reindeer.

Above:  A pair of reindeer casually strolling
down the highway.

Right:  Another warning sign.
Two more male reindeer.
 Farm scenery.
In Kemijärvi: church and art work.
More artsy stuff in Kemijärvi.
Another hobby of Lynda's:  collecting wild flowers.

Lynda digging into the "trunk" of our rented Opel.  I must say that the Opel was quite a car.  We drove it all day on two of the four days and purchased only 60 Euros ($73.00) in gas.  That's roughly 40 mpg!!






That's all from Lapland.  Next is our last day in Europe.


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