Our Trip to Europe
April 29 - June 26 2005

Page 2 - Cruise Across the Atlantic - the Azores

After leaving Key West, we did not see land again for six days.  We had been a bit concerned about finding things to kep us occupied for six full sea days, but we were delighted to find plenty to do.  Boredom was not there!

As we approached the Azores, the weather became rather stormy, as can be seen at right.  The photo is taken as we pulled into the harbor, the dock being near topright corner (Yes, those tour busses are waiting for us.)

We had signed up for a sightseeing tour, but because it was foggy and raining we didn't see very much and took only a few photos whenever it partially cleared up.

After touring (?) the Azores, we reboarded our ship and set sail for Cadiz, Spain.
Lynda with her favorite -- a Chamboird Martini. Our dinner table.  Clockwise: Pete, Betty, Ginny, Doug, Reynaldo, Luci, Marilyn, Lynda. Our waiter Haira and his assistant.

More goofing off aboard the Splendour of the Seas.
And in our cabin (left)

And onward to Cadiz!
The port seen from our ship. Town square. Closeup of statue at left.
Street scenes from Cadiz.
We stopped in a sidewalk cafe for a beer.
Money belt hiding. A Market square. Dem flowers smells goood!
Narrow streets, wide squares, and underground chapel.
Look at the tiny car!

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